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Kanaiya R.

October Libra 26, mother to a 4 year old daughter - licensed cosmetologist Paul Mitchell Houston Alumni, wigmaker, content creator. Michigan born and early childhood, Texas later raised.

Since the age of 14 I’ve always known I wanted to pursue business, in fact I’ve never applied to a college nor toured one a day in my life - I just always knew I wanted to build something on my own terms, be a creative, and lead my own opportunities. I hate cubicles, I tend to be late, I don’t want to retire in 30 years, and I want freedom. I chose life experience, which is not a glamour at all - with that comes MANY failed attempts, financial losses, anxiety, tears, and lack of support in areas you most need it but yet I’m so in love with this…journey. It’s my love language, when talking to God - he teaches me his ideology of “faith” through my passion. If I don’t have faith in him, I don’t have faith in myself. I’ve decided I want to be a vessel, to help motive or inspire others likeminded to myself to chase his vision and promise he provided them - as will I forever. My very own school for hair extension entrepreneurs. 



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